Boom’s Public Service Announcement

Scolio. It’s no joke!

3 thoughts on “Boom’s Public Service Announcement

  1. Boom.. Your ailment is horrible. I feel for you man but you are still the greatest role model in the world. My 1G is in the mail. #Boom4prez

  2. Hello, I sympathize with your plight as I too suffer from SCOLIO. However, when I called to donate, someone sounding suspiciously like the young man in the video answered “How ya doin?” and immediately asked for my credit card number. When I told him I could only afford to donate $20, the line went dead. I thought it maybe was my fault so I called back and was told that I was a “disgradziad” (whatever that means) and to shove my $20 because donations start at a “grand” and the line went dead again. I won’t be calling back.

  3. Can we get an update on Boom’s fundraising efforts? Boom’s #1 fan in Connecticut is hoping that he raises a ton of cash and gets better. He’s looking pretty rough! Keep up the fight Boom!!!

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