The One, the Only, NICKIE BOOM!

imageNickie Boom makes no bones about the fact the he is a guido. Is he rude? Yes.  Is he crude? Definitely! Is he politically incorrect? Absolutely. But, in Boom’s mind, he’s ALWAYS right and that’s ALL that matters.

For instance, Nickie Boom refers to women as “Broccoli Rabes” (a form of broccoli frequently enjoyed by Italians).   On a regular basis,  Boom is threatening the safety and lives of those around him with comments like “I’ll cut your troat (not throat but TROAT)” or “how bout I come ova there and knock your teet out, huh? Again, not teeth, but TEET. Sure, he may not pronounce EVERY word correctly and he IS completely inappropriate at times, but Nickie Boom is not governed by the same social laws as you. What’s even more unique about the Boom is that he is a graduate of a very prestigeous Ivy League School and is an advocate of education.  However, Boom feels that informatin will hurt his “street cred” so he keeps it under wraps.

Although he clearly knows better, this  prodigy is in love with the old fashioned Italian mob mentality and refuses to evolve his thinking.  But again, that’s what makes him Nickie Boom!!

Nickie Boom is proud of many things but most of all, he’s proud of his Italian heritage. He feels goombas get a bad rap given the fact that Itlians have made so many positive contributions to the world.  Boom’s motto in this regard “do not judge a book by its cova and appreciate the Italians for what they are, the GREATEST!”   This self-proclaimed “inna-net sensation and philosafa” spews out his views and opinions via staments such as “You can’t worry about what people think of you when your trying to get ahead in this world,  the only thing a person really needs to focus on in life is their hair” and “people can run all they want from the Itlian stereotype, I EMBRACE IT!”

16 thoughts on “The One, the Only, NICKIE BOOM!

  1. I look forward to your blogs, you put the smile in my day, Everybody should start their day off the Boom way ……………..

  2. Hey Boom>>. Was that YOU I saw drive by the other day??? Nah… Couldn’t be right?Better watch out .. The heat is patrolling around the neighborhood !!

  3. Hi Nickie Boom,
    my name is Biagio from Sicily, I have a lot of fun watching your videos.
    I am Italian and Sicilian mother tongue and I work as translator and webteacher of Italian language for foreign people. Here you are my website: and my skype ID: mr.b.faraci.
    I appreciate a lot you are proud of your Italian heritage, goombha!!!
    Nice work Boom!
    Greetings from the heart of Sicily to all Italian-American.
    I have recently created a revolutionary and innovative multimedial tool for Italian language learning: just take a look:
    If you or any friend of yours wishes to learn Italian and Sicilian send me an e-mail to
    I’d be delighted to help!!! 😉

    • CIAO BIAGIO!!!!!!! This is so great to hear from a paison in Italy! My grandmother and grandfather were born in Abruzzi. I’m so happy you like my comedy. 🙂 And that it is reaching the homeland. I CANNOT WAIT TO VISIT ITALY! Are you on facebook? If so, come to my page. Would you like me to post your information on my facebook page? It might bring you some business. I’m all about supporting Italians.

      Please pass the word about Nickie Boom and share my videos. Im glad it keeps you laughing. LOL
      And I will support you by promoting your teaching of the italian language. I would love to learn it. All I know right now are a few bad words that my mom screams when i drive her crazy. 🙂

      Greetings from the heart of New Jersey to my new friend in Sicily. Your message made me so happy. 🙂

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