Boom’s Friday Night Checklist


Its Friday night baby! People always ask me “Hey Boom, how do you get so many broccoli rabs?”
If you follow my Friday night checklist, you too will have your pick of broccolis like the Boom.

Nicky Boom’s Friday Night Checklist:

Nike track suit – check, track suits are the Boom’s official uniform
Gold chain – check, chicks love gold chains. The bigger, the better
Gold watch – check. If a broad asks you what time it is…
Pinky ring – check. A MUST. Never leave home without it!
Ginny Tee – check, what kind of Gumba would I be if I didnt
Diamond earing – check. What else would I wear, pearls?
Shiny black Cadillac – check. I dont care if you have to live at home with your mom until your 42. Every self-respecting Italian cruises in a Caddy

Heading to the club now. Gotta go pick up my boys: Vinny the Animal, Joey Stumps and Blockhead.

Nicky Boom, OUT.

4 thoughts on “Boom’s Friday Night Checklist

  1. I am laughing & laughing. Can’t wait to see him in person! He is the funniest kid around that’s for sure!! Am I writing too much?? I hope I don’t pissoff Nicky Boom 😦

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