Nickie Boom’s GUIDO-ISMS

It has come to my attention that a lot of you do not always understand Boom’s language. Accordingly, I sat down with Boom and asked that he please define all of his commonly used Guido-isms. In an effort to ensure that his fans know exactly where he is coming from at all times, he not only gave me the Guido-isms, he defined each of them and used them in a sentence.

Mutt – a mutt is a guy who acts like a complete idiot at all times.
“You know Johnny Pipes? What a mutt!”

Mamaluke– a mamaluke is a guy who has no confidence and mopes around.
“I would hang out with Tony Hands, but he’s too much of a mamaluke for me”

Freehole – is a guy who HAS confidence but SHOULDN’T. His jokes are never funny and he is always inappropriate.
“Did you see Jimmy the Baker at the club last night? What a FREEHOLE!”

Mout – (a/k/a mouth) a mout is something you speak out of.
“You better shutcha mout before I shut it for you!”

Troat – (a/k/a throat) a troat is where and how you swallow your food.
“I got a soar troat”

teet – (a/k/a teeth) ya teet are what you chew with.
“I gotta brush my teet”

How ya doin – (a/k/a how are you doing) a salutation
“A, how ya doin?”

Brothaman – (a/k/a brother man) a friendly term used on guys I like.
“A, how ya doin brothaman

Tree – its the number after two and before four.
“one, two, tree”

Animal Control – the police
“if i get my hands on you, their gonna need Animal Control to get me off!”

ya mutha – (a/k/a your mother) this term is used in many ways; to insult a person or if your injured.
example 1 (after slamming my finger in a car door) “ahhhh, YA MUTHA!”
example 2 (someone asks me who picked out my track suit, I respond) “YA MUTHA DID”

ya mutha’s sista – this is a term used in the most frustrated of situations and only when angry.
example (if Im boiling pasta and the water shoots up into my face” ” OWA! YA MUTHA’S SISTA!”

Cugine – Cugine (pronounced Coo Sheen) is the Italian word for cousin and reserved as a salutation for Italian friends ONLY.
“HEY, Cugine, hows life treatin ya?”

Cuz – Cuz is a term used to refer to any guy, whether you know him or not.
“Yo Cuz, could you move your car please?”

broccoli rabe – broccoli rabe is a term I use to refer to pretty women.
“Joey, look at that broccoli rabe over there”

a stiff – a stiff is a guy with absolutely no personality.
Ralphy wigs is such a stiff isn’t he?”

a Mary– A mary is a guy who acts like girl.
Yo Mikey, come on, your acting like a Mary”

goomba – goomba is a word used to refer to a very good friend.
“of course I know Blockhead,, he’s my goomba!”

face brute – (pronounced fache broot) italian words that mean ugly face.
“not for nothin, but Tommy Guns is a face brute”

nice piece, beautiful piece – is a term used to refer to only the most beautiful women.
“Johnny, look at that nice piece, beautiful piece!”

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