BooM Diaries/Subject BROADS!

Be forewarned, I told you he’s rude, I told you he’s ignorant and I told you he is politically incorrect. He makes no bones about the fact that he is a male chauvinist pig. He doesn’t care who he offends. It doesn’t matter how much you try to educate him on the rights of women or feminism. He does not recognize the strides women have made and really could care less about them. Those strides do not exist in BooM’s world.

These are the BooM diaries. His thoughts, his beliefs, his philosophies, out there for the world to hear. In the BooM Diaries, you will get to know the REAL BooM. No lies, no excuses and definitely NO APOLOGIES.

The subject of the first entry of the BooM Diaries, one of his favorites, BROADS. Here Boom explains his views on woman and specifically, how he handles his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Theresa.

Relax, Enjoy and get offended.

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