Boom Mail (Letter from Vinny from Brooklyn)

This is a new segment to  Fans from all over the globe have been mailing, emailing and  tweeting questions for Boom.  So now, Boom has designed this segment “Boom Mail” to answer those questions and offer his life coaching skills. In this edition of Boom Mail, Nickie Boom answers a letter from Vinny from Brooklyn.

8 thoughts on “Boom Mail (Letter from Vinny from Brooklyn)

  1. Boom and Mikey, I had a miserable day today. Watching this video has turned my day around because, once agin, you made me laugh so hard I nearly choked. What a wonderful addition to the website… Boom mail!!! Love it and can’t wait to hear more of your advice. More Mikey too much!!!

  2. @Java701 That’s because, amongst a myriad of other talents, Nickie Boom is a
    Philosopher as well as a Sociologist!

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