BREAKING NEWS, More pics released from Boom’s altercation


ASSOCIATED PRESS: The picture above was taken by a club goer who captured the very moment Nickie Boom confronted a gentleman who mistakenly made a pass at his lady friend at a nightclub in New Jersey last night. The self-proclaimed “innanet sensation” alleged that the unknown gentleman “tried to make moves on my broccoli rabe (girl)!”. That decision turned into a physical altercation between the two men and resulted in the unknown gentlemen being hospitalized for injuries sustained.  While the gentleman was being taken away by paramedics, Boom was heard screaming “I’M A LOVA AND A FIGHTA BRO!”

The following picture of Boom was captured after reporters asked him who he thought won the fight. Boom’s response to that question? “Who do you think? Im here gettin my groove on, he’s gettin stitches.  How ya doin!”


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS, More pics released from Boom’s altercation

  1. Way to go Nickie Boom!! Don’t ever let anyone mess with you’r girl and if they do, you take care of them Sicilian style like you did.

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