Meet The Boys


My friends always tell me “hey Boom, dont eva forget where you came from”.  So I want to introduce you to all my closest friends from the neighborhood.  And before you ask, I’ll explain how they got their names.

One eyed Louie – lost his eye to a BB.

Bobby Morto- This guy is a walking corpse.

Mikey Too-Much – He always takes everything too far.

Joe Fats – no explanation needed

Blockhead (a/k/a Blocky) – got a square-shaped head

Salvy the Crab – no matter where we go for dinner, he always orders crabs

Jonny the Jaw – broke more than one jaw in his day

Vinny the mutt – ugly as sin

Mikey Lang- Has a voice like Arty Lang

Pauly Slots – he’s a degenerate gambler

Franny Fugazy – Everything he owns is fake

Tommy the Thumb (a/k/a Tom Thumb) – Has severe arthritis in his fingers

Sammy Scraps- owns a junkyard

Jimmy the Jumper – takes his victims by surprise

Franky the Foot – has had athletes foot since he’s 9

Donny Stitches – owns an embroidery company

Baby Hands Carmen – no explanation needed

Marky  the Lip – has a hair lip

Tony the Can – spent more of his life in prison that out

Geno the drunk – never sober

One thought on “Meet The Boys

  1. Hey Boom.. Mikey Vegas here.. Yo Bo.. I gatta question.. This loser is buggin wit my daughter… Knockin on her door at night askin for $$$.. Now I’m a real Paisan ya know & I’m not likin this .. Whadaya think I shud do??

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